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Ventilator Spal VA18-AP71/LL-42S 12 Volt

Spal Ventilatoren axiaal motor fan
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Axial MotorfanSpal Ventilator KoelerLufter Blower Cooling FanSpal ventilatorSpal axiaal motorfans Ventilator Spal Automotive and Industrie
Spal ventilator fans IP68 beschermende motor 
afgedicht tegen water en stof 
12 Volt / 24 Volt


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VA18-AP71/LL-42S 30102048
16’’ High Performance Fan
Push / Curved
Axial Fan - 12 V
The SPAL, 30102048 (VA18-AP71/LL-42S) Waterproof - IP68 Cooling System
The number that follows the "IP" indicates the degree of protection against external agents: the first digit stands for protection against ingrees of dust or other object (the maximum grade is 6) and the second one stands for protection against ingress of liquids (the max. grade is 8). herefore IP68 protection offers the highest stability, durability and lifelong performance for motors used in extreme working conditions.

All IP68 certified SPAL motors are WP (Water Proof) which means they are completely sealed and therefore protected against ingress of solid and liquid agents. 


VA18-AP71/LL-42S  VA18AP71LL42S
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